Gary Johnson is a software engineer with solid business, technical analysis and problem solving skills.


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A sample of web pages, technology demonstrations and web applications:


WordPress with Custom Landing Page and widget integration
Conversion, Date and Math Calculators for Smartphones     .. and desktop

Marketing Association Managment site AFE Maine
Canvas API Drawing Animations I did in DHTML circa Firefox 2 - 2006
Body Fat Calculator Indoor Relative Humidity
Where Are You in Google Maps HTML5 audio sprites
Animation Frame 1 Business Card
Grocery Shopping List Menu for Popup Promotion System
Marketing Site Sending HTML Email Demo for Boston PHP
A custom CMS written in CI Article on CodeIgniter

Support and Training Services

For your personal and home office computer needs

Computer problem solver available for hire Make your computer easier to use and keep your data protected. We'll help you: - troubleshoot computer problems - set up new computers, printers or peripheral devices - install new Programs and set up easy to use templates - boost the efficiency of your compUter - set up backup systems on site or in the cloud to keep your data safe - import and export data in formats you can access and use remotely - recommend or create processes and procedures for all your data processing and information management needs - walk you through the Programs you use most to simplify your work and personal life - setup and program home theaters, remote controls and home networks - music library managment and jukeboxes Working with Gary will not make you taller, thinner, or more attractive; however, you will be smarter about your use of computers.

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 Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men   

Gary gmgj Johnson computer problem solver.  Boston, MA
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Anne and I

For Friends of Friends

password: CarrotSchlock

Theme and Plugin Integration

Services Marketing Site - Responsive - AJAX

A site to sell art for covers of Kindle Books

Done to test the canvas api when it was in Beta mode - Firefox. Its a complex drawing

My first javascript library for DHTML

See the drop down menu at the top for the Mathmatical Expression Evaluator, Date and Conversion Calculators

The BMI is mis-leading. This uses the Navy calculations and others to estimate body fat

Save your valuable electronics from damage from static electricity!

Google Maps with the free IP lookup service

Audio sprites are like CSS sprites, speed up page load times and responsiveness

Animation Frames, the flash alternative

An Electronic Business Card in Canvas

Testing Boostrap 3.x & jQuery

Menu for an easily customizable popup with Optin and Optout Marketing - jquery modal noconflict table driven html email

Local chapters of the Association for Facilities Engineers (AFE)

Sample code and demo to send an HTML formatted email with PHP

I have taken over the maintenance of a CMS written in CI

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